Flash Gordon



"...most people don't realize that Flash Gordon was real, that he really went to Mongo with Dale and Zarkov, he really did show an alien world how to rebel against tryanny and oppression, and he really did save the Earth. For commercial and cultural reasons, we couldn't let young Alex Raymond reveal the true nature and scope of his old pal's adventures, so all we got was the "Sunday Comics" version... Maybe one day the world will be ready for the TRUE story of Flash Gordon."

- quote purported to confidant of William Randolph Hearst



With Earth gripped by panic and terror from apocalyptic weather changes, Flash Gordon is ambushed by ace reporter Dale Arden concerning a mysterious secret mission before both are pursued by Nazi agents through the streets of New York all the way to the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Surviving a daring parachute escape, they reach the secret U.S. military base of Dr. Hans Zarkov only to learn of an unknown, greater peril that awaits. Zarkov's rocket carries them through a strange portal in space to the planet Mongo, where peril and death seem to await their every turn.

Ruled by the evil, despotic Ming the Merciless for over 800 years, Mongo is fueled by such blinding racial hatred that its various races live in a perpetual state of destructive warfare and conflict. As he meets amazing Lionmen, forest-dwelling Arborians, winged Hawkmen and amphibious Aquans among others, Flash must convince the various races that only through unity, co-existence and co-operation can Ming be defeated, while their stubborn, ancient prejudices will only serve to ensure their own continued misery and subjugation.


Accurately reflecting the tone of the script, these pieces were conceived and created by illustrator and comic artist Dean Zachary (PHOENIX, WONDER WOMAN/DEADMAN, STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC, BATMAN CHRONICLES, co-creator STARGODS), who mirrors the approach of the screenplay and story by drawing heavily on the spirit of Alex Raymond's original art and designs while still maintaining a necessary real-world believability and realism. More of his work is available at


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: FLASH GORDON is wholly owned and operated by Hearst Entertainment and King Features Syndicate. No ownership of any kind is inferred or implied... except for these most excellent ideas for their most famous yet most under-utilized property.