By Landlord's Request

Jeff Callaway's long delayed debut solo CD By Landlord's Request has been delayed again, but for good reason. Instead of releasing a mish-mash mix tape of different styles, the album has been wisely separated into more digestible components, starting with the electronic release of that wuz... the Mo' tet next week. The following update was released last week to press and social media:

Next week will see the electronic release of radio singles from the new album "That Wuz... The Mo' tet" followed closely by the release of the full length versions available only on CD. The Mo' tet was an Oxford based jazz band active in the late '90's consisting of Jeff Callaway, Jeff Colburn, Andrew Dunnaway, Slade Lewis and Casey Lipe. The recording, which was previously thought lost, was scheduled for release on Jeff Callaway's long delayed debut solo album before being given its own separate release in conjunction with Hill Country Records. Regarding some possible confusion among fans, album producer Jeff Callaway has released this update:

"As many are aware, I've been trying to release my first solo album for several years, and now finally, instead of trying to cram 10 pounds of... stuff into a 2 pound bag, cooler, wiser heads have prevailed, and the album "By Landlord's Request" has been split into 2 separate albums. The album "that wuz... the Mo' tet" will be released sometime next week, and will feature 4 full length cuts of almost 40 minutes of catfish jazz available only on CD, while shorter internet radio singles will be available for download everywhere.

The album "By Landlord's Request" will be completed and released afterward as soon after as possible. Everyone who pre-ordered a copy of "By Landlord's Request" also gets a complimentary copy of "that wuz... the Mo' tet."

I apologize for the delay, but I can assure everyone they'll be happier with the final product."